关于“头”的趣味俚语,lose your head到底什么意思

The following idioms and expressions use the noun 'head.' Each idiom or expression has a definition and two example sentences to help understanding of these common idiomatic expressions with 'head.'以下习语和短语使用名词“head”。每个习语或短语都有一个定义和两个例句,有助于理解这些常见的“head”习语

Able to do something standing on one's head

Definition: do something very easily and without effort定义:不费吹灰之力,轻而易举地做某事

He's able to count backward standing on his head.他能倒立着倒数。

Don't worry about that. I can do it standing on my head.别担心。我可以轻而易举地做这件事。

Bang your head against a brick wall

Definition: do something without any chance of it succeeding定义:做某事没有成功的机会

I've been banging my head against a brick wall when it comes to finding a job.在找工作的问题上,我一直头痛得要命。

Trying to convince Kevin is like banging your head against a brick wall.试图说服凯文就像把你的头撞在砖墙上。

Beat something into someone's head

Definition: teach someone something by repeating it over and over again定义:通过一次又一次的重复来教导某人

Sometimes you just need to beat grammar into your head.有时候你只需要把语法多学几遍。

My father beat the importance of kindness into my head.我父亲把仁慈的重要性强加于我。

Bite someone's head off

Definition: criticize someone strongly定义:强烈批评某人

Tim bit my head off last night at the party.蒂姆昨晚在聚会上狠狠地批评了我。

Don't bit my head off just because I made a mistake.别因为我的一个错误就狠狠地批评我。

Bring something to a head

Definition: cause a crisis to happen定义:导致危机发生

We need to bring the situation to a head to get a resolution.我们需要把情况搞清楚才能解决问题。

The immigration situation brought the political crisis to a head.移民形势使这场政治危机达到了顶点。

Bury one's head in the sand

Definition: ignore something completely定义:完全忽略某事

You're going to have to face the situation and not bury your head in the sand.你将不得不面对这种情况,而不是置之不理。

He chose to bury his head in the sand and not confront her.他选择忽视这件事,而不是和她对质。

Can't make heads or tails out of something

Definition: not be able to understand something定义:不能理解某事

I hate to admit that I can't make heads or tails out of this math problem.我不想承认这道数学题我做不出头绪。

The politicians can't make heads or tails out of the current employment crisis.政客们无法从当前的就业危机中脱颖而出。

Drum something into someone's head

Definition: repeat over and over until someone learns something定义:一遍又一遍地重复,直到有人学到东西

I had to drum German grammar into my head for two years before I could speak the language.在我能说德语之前,我得把德语语法灌输两年。

I suggest you drum this into your head for the test next week.我建议你下周考试时把这个记在脑子里。

Fall head over heels in love

Definition: fall deeply in love定义:坠入爱河

She fell head over heels in love with Tom.她深深地爱上了汤姆。

Have you ever fallen head over heels in love?你曾经坠入爱河吗?

From head to toe

Definition: dressed or covered in something completely定义:穿着或完全被某物覆盖

He's dressed in blue from head to toe.他从头到脚都穿着蓝色的衣服。

She's wearing lace from head to toe.她从头到脚都戴着花边。

Get a head start on something

Definition: begin doing something early定义:早做某事

Let's get a head start on the report tomorrow.让我们明天先做报告。

She got a head start on her homework immediately after school.她放学后立即开始做作业。

Get your head above water

Definition: keep going in life despite many difficulties定义:尽管有很多困难,但要继续生活

If I can find a job I'll be able to get my head above water.如果我能找到一份工作,我就能摆脱困境。

Study these pages and you'll get your head above water.仔细阅读这些书页,你就会头脑清醒。

Get someone or something out of one's head

Definition: remove someone or something from your thoughts (often used in the negative)定义:把某人或某物从你的思想中移开(通常用于否定)

I'm really upset that I can't get her out of my head.我真的很难过我不能将她从我的脑海抹去。

She spent three years getting those experiences out of her head.她花了三年的时间把那些经历忘掉。

Give someone a head's start

Definition: let someone else begin before you in a competition of some kind定义:在某种比赛中,让别人比你先开始

I'll give you twenty minutes head's start.我给你20分钟先走。

Can you give me a head's start?你能让我先走一步吗?

Go over someone's head

Definition: not be able to understand something定义:不能理解某事

I'm afraid the joke went over her head.恐怕这个笑话使她无法理解。

I'm afraid the situation goes over my head.恐怕情况超出了我的预料。

Go to someone's head

Definition: make someone feel better than others定义:让别人感觉比别人好

His good grades went to his head.他的好成绩使他头昏眼花。

Don't let your success go to your head. Stay humble.不要让你的成功冲昏头脑。保持谦虚。

Have a good head on your shoulders

Definition: be intelligent定义:聪明

She's got a good head on her shoulders.她很有头脑。

You can trust him because he's got a good head on his shoulders.你可以相信他,因为他很有头脑。

Head someone or something off

Definition: arrive before someone or something else定义:先于某人或某事到达

Let's head them off at the pass.让我们在关口把他们赶走。

We need to head the problem off.我们得把问题解决掉。

Hit the nail on the head

Definition: be exactly right about something定义:完全正确

I think you hit the nail on the head.我想你说得对极了。

His answer hit the nail on the head.他的回答一针见血。

In over one's head

Definition: do something that is too difficult for a person定义:做一些对一个人来说太难的事情

I'm afraid Peter is in over his head with Mary.恐怕彼得和玛丽关系不好。

Do you ever feel that you're in over your head?你有没有觉得自己被蒙在鼓里?

Lose your head

Definition: become nervous or angry定义:变得紧张或愤怒

Don't lose your head over the situation.不要对这种情况失去理智。

She lost her head when he told her he wanted a divorce.当他告诉她他想离婚时,她失去了理智。

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